Executive Committee

EC Whitechapel
Members of the EC in front of a tapestry of Picasso’s anti-war work “Guernica”.

conscience is currently looking for new members to join its Executive Committee (EC), which manages the work of conscience. Click here for more information.

Monica Frisch has been on the committee since 1991. For many years she was Treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, conscience and Network for Peace as well as a former war tax resister.

David Milner has been a member of conscience for over ten years and joined the EC in 2012. He has spent his working life in education, teaching Law and Economics and continuing as a writer and Examiner. Outside this he has been active in the traditional music and dance community and serves on Quaker Committees dealing with Economic Justice, Sustainability and Peace.

Simon Reed joined the EC in 2015, taking over from Dr Iain Farrell as Treasurer.  His professional background is in change management; he is now a student of peace studies.  It is his intention to work full time in researching, documenting and promoting alternatives to war using evidence-based methods that provide better short term and long term stability and returns.

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