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Members of the EC in front of a tapestry of Picasso’s anti-war work “Guernica”.

conscience is currently looking for new members to join its Executive Committee (EC), which manages the work of conscience. Click here for more information.

Monica Frisch has been on the committee since 1991.  For many years she was Treasurer of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), conscience and Network for Peace as well as a former war tax resister.

Robin Brookes re-joined the EC in 2015.  He has been a member of Conscience since the mid 1980s – around the time cruise missiles were being deployed near him on Salisbury Plain.  He became a war tax resister in 2003 and shortly after that joined with six others to apply for a judicial review to change the law to allow COs to divert their taxes.  They called themselves the Peace Tax Seven.  Robin is keen to encourage the spread of local campaigning groups – “More people need to know about this campaign and support it, including many who are already in the peace movement.”

Simon Reed joined the EC in 2015, taking over from Dr Iain Farrell as Treasurer.  His professional background is in change management including eight years in the Ministry of Defence; he is now a student of peace studies.  It is his intention to work full time in researching, documenting and promoting alternatives to war using evidence-based methods that provide better short term and long term stability and returns.

Sweta Choudhury  joined the EC as Local Groups Development Officer staff member in 2018.  Sweta has a remarkable background on anti-war and peace work.  She is a notable anti-war campaigner and an officer at the Stop the War coalition.  She is also currently studying for a PhD on anti-war politics at King’s College London.  In addition to her extensive peace-building campaigning, Sweta is an aspiring chef and was a contestant on Masterchef 2018.  On joining Conscience Sweta said ‘I am really excited to be working with Conscience on building local groups.  The need to take action for peace is now stronger than ever.  Conflict cannot survive without your participation, the same applies to peace.

Rona Topaz is a singer, actress, songwriter, poet and choir leader.  She was involved with Stop the War from the outset until caring responsibilities took her away to Scotland for a number of years.  She is a member of CND and the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), and is active in anti-austerity campaigning as a member of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).  She is also a founder member of Disability Equality ACT Labour (DEAL), and has co-written a legal disability compliance guide for constituency Labour Party gatherings.  She has also submitted evidence to a number of select committee enquiries as well as being a qualified Parliamentary Outreach trainer.  She is divorced and divides her time between London and Berkshire.

Nikki Packham has always been an agitator and was a Parish Councillor at the age of 21, when she lived adjacent to the (then) Atomic Weapons Research Establishment.  Nikki worked there in the 60s and early 70s and learnt to drive near the US Air Base at Greenham Common, where some considerable time later, she could be found decorating the wire and singing no nuke carols!  She enthusiastically supports Conscience because, as a conscientious objector, she feels that we should all have the right to have a proportion of our taxes spent on peaceful projects.

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