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Dear [Member of Parliament],

Dear MP,

The law as it stands, means I personally am unable to act according to my conscience. My tax money is paying for armed conflict which I would not personally be prepared to participate in. Through my taxes, I am paying for someone else to fight. This is a matter of conscientious objection.

I believe that the right to conscientiously object to war is a human right. That right has been recognised by Parliament since 1916. I believe that those who have a conscientious objection to war should not be forced to pay for military preparations through their taxes.

Conscience is seeking a change in the law to allow Conscientious Objectors the right to have the military portion of their taxes spent on non-military security. This money would then be used to prevent and resolve conflicts worldwide. The fund would provide new opportunities for experimenting with and properly funding non-violent methods of conflict prevention, resolution and management.

On the 24th of March 2017 Parliament is scheduled to debate a Bill which would bring this vision of Conscientious objection into UK law sponsored by Ruth Cadbury MP. I would urge you to support this legislation and if it does not receive a reading take efforts (perhaps by sponsoring a private member’s Bill) to make sure the Bill gets the debate it deserves.

I do not believe that setting up such a fund would be a precedent, rather it extends the recognition of conscientious objection as a human right. It also attempts to concentrate all governments’ efforts towards the pursuance of peace. There are many groups throughout the world calling on their governments to set up similar non-military security funds in order to stop wasteful military expenditure and work towards bringing and an end to armed conflict.

It also follows recent government moves to hypothecate taxes for beneficial purpose as they have done with Tampon Tax and the Sugar Tax. In the political landscape of professional armies and high-tech weapons, there is an inescapable truth: money is manpower.

We all get the world we pay for. Let me invest in a world of peace, justice and solidarity.

Please support the Bill becoming law. 

Yours Sincerely,

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