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Meet our Fundraising and Communications Officer

Read our team's bio below:

Fay Salichou


Fay is a dedicated member of our staff and an active member of the Executive Committee.

She joined our organisation in February 2017 as an Events Assistant and has since taken on the role of Fundraising and Communications Officer.


In her current position, Fay plays a vital role in securing funds for our educational programs and organising impactful events aimed at influencing policies and paving the way towards a more peaceful world.

Fay recently completed her MSc in Violence, Conflict, and Development at SOAS University of London, further deepening her understanding of the complexities surrounding violence and conflict and their intersections with development. Her academic background enriches her work and enables her to approach fundraising and communications with a nuanced perspective.

I’m excited to be working in a role that combines fundraising and communication. This role is incredibly rewarding, as I have the opportunity to contribute to such essential work. Being surrounded by so many many committed peacebuilders is truly inspiring.

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