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Become a Conscientious Objector

Register as a Conscientious Objector to military tax through our application form. This form, inspired by historical conscientious objectors, allows you to express your objection to funding violence through taxes. By completing it, you agree to be listed on our website, sharing your supporting statement online. We respect your privacy and won't share your details. Join the ranks of those refusing to finance war and make your objection heard.

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/Where can I find the form?

Register as a Conscientious Objector by completing the form below or downloading the PDF version. Once filled, you can email your application or send it by post to the Conscience office.

/Application for exemption form

In 1916 when conscription was introduced to Britain during WW1, men who registered as conscientious objectors had to prove their sincerity of conscience through written statements and verbal arguments at tribunals. 100 years later, although there is no longer national service in this country, the state continues to take our financial involvement in war for granted. Hundreds have been registering as conscientious objectors to military tax, with statements detailing why they fundamentally object to the government conscripting their taxes to violent ends. If you haven't done so already, please register your objection by filling out this form! By completing this form you agree to be listed on our website, and agree to having your supporting statement shared online. We will not sell or rent your details to anyone else. Conscience may occasionally contact you with promotional information we believe is relevant to you.

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