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Join our Executive Committee


We are looking for new members to join its Executive Committee (EC), which manages the work of the organisation.

EC membership involves:

  • attending EC meetings to discuss and make decisions on matters such as policy, strategy and finance;

  • working with other EC members and the staff to agree the framework that guides the activities of staff;

  • sometimes taking on individual ad hoc tasks such as speaking at a meeting or approving new website content.

We are looking for someone who:

  • is enthusiastic and committed to helping Conscience achieve its aims of ensuring taxes are used for peace not war;

  • can bring their skills, experience and new ideas to contribute to the broad range of people that makes up the EC;

  • can attend EC meetings four Saturdays a year (these are usually on Zoom, but may occasionally be in person in London in which case travel expenses are reimbursed).

  • If you think you could contribute to the work of Conscience then we would love to hear more about you. Please contact us via email here or call us 0203 515 9132.

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