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Counting the UK nuclear weapons money

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Latest from our Education Worker, Karen Robinson

Tomorrow (Saturday 26 October 2019) Conscience: Taxes For Peace Not War is holding an event outside the Ministry of Defence in London; ‘Count the money we spend on nuclear weapons – and divert it to saving our climate’.

From 10.00 – 16.00 we will be physically counting the £5.2 billion the UK spends on nuclear weapons in a year, protesting at the UK’s ownership of nuclear weapons and this terrible use of taxpayers’ money.

We will be demanding that the £5.2 billion is spent instead on addressing the climate emergency.

£5.2 billion is such a huge amount of money; it is almost impossible to visualise or comprehend. There are 10,400 x £500,000 notes to count.

We will be counting continuously for six hours. You are very welcome to join us.

Our count is the London companion event to the international Count the Nuclear Weapons Money action taking place in New York throughout UN Disarmament Week (24-30 October). The New York action has just started.

Tomorrow we will be asking people if they would like to share, on camera, why they have come to the event. We will post these short videos online and will share them with the international action in New York.

Robin Brookes, war tax resister and Executive Committee member of Conscience: Taxes For Peace Not War, writes about why he is joining the counting tomorrow:

And below I describe why I will be there. The picture was taken in the same spot we’ll be doing the counting tomorrow; outside the Ministry of Defence in Horse Guards Avenue, London. Hope you can join us!

Click here for further information, including a map.

Many thanks to Fay Salichou for the design of the £500,000 note


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