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Iran bombing response

We are concerned by the escalating conflict in the Middle East. It has long been clear that the actions of states in the region, and their allies, have risked provoking a wider regional war. In recent days, this risk has magnified, bringing the spectre of war closer. We urge all parties involved to deescalate tensions and halt the dangerous path toward broader hostilities.

Iran's missile and drone strike on Israel came in response to the bombing of the Iranian Consulate in Syria on 1st April, killing senior military figures and constituting, according to international law, an assault on Iranian soil.

Disappointingly, the US and UK failed to rebuke Israel for this dangerous assault. Indeed, it has been suggested that had they done so, further escalation may have been avoided.

US, British, and French military forces have been actively engaged in nullifying Iran’s drone and missile strikes. We call on Israel to refrain from further attacks on Iranian forces and, instead, look to break the cycle of attack and retaliation.

Furthermore, we reiterate our calls for continued efforts to bring about a ceasefire and de-escalation of violence, the release of hostages, an end to UK arms sales to Israel, access to humanitarian aid and the long-term resolution of tensions and support efforts to build peace in communities and countries world-wide.

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