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conscience TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR, works for a world where taxes are used to nurture peace, not pay for war.

We campaign for a progressive increase in the amount of UK tax spent on peacebuilding, and a corresponding decrease in the amount spent on war and preparation for war. We also campaign for the legal right of those with a conscientious objection to war to have the entire military part of their taxes spent on peacebuilding.

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Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War statement on Syria

The following statement has been issued by Conscience: Taxes for Peace not War against the possibility of further British military action in Syria.

Conscience condemns the likely chemical attacks on the Syrian people in Douma. After seven years of ongoing war and military interventions, the entire country is in a shambles.  The conflict has left more than 350,000 people dead in Syria, half of the country is displaced and millions have become refugees.

However, any decision of the British government to join Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron to further escalate military action in Syria will only lead to more deaths and prolong and intensify the crisis.  It could also lead to increased political tensions between the super powers in the East and the West who are playing proxy wars in the region for their geopolitical interests and it will put us all into the situation where we are facing another Cold War.

We believe that those who have a conscientious objection to war should not be forced to pay for military preparations and actions through their taxes.  We want the British government to stop using our taxes on wasteful military expenditure and instead use it to bring an end to conflicts through non-military peace building initiatives.

Military intervention is a failed approach and the only realistic political solution in Syria is through a diplomatic, non-military approach.  Conscience will continue to campaign for peaceful, non-military alternatives to resolve violent conflicts and bring an end to the horrors of war.

Conscience: Taxes For Peace Not War maintains that we want the right to opt out of paying for the military actions and to make sure that that portion of our taxes be used for initiatives that build peace.

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A Massive Thank You to Our Supporters!

Thank You

Our appeal has had a particularly good response from our supporters this year – thank you all so much! Your money will go towards helping us campaign for the rights of conscientious objectors. This year we are focusing on our Taxes for Peace Bill, presented by Ruth Cadbury MP, which aims to allow conscientious objectors the option to divert their taxes from armaments and the military to peaceful methods of conflict resolution like mediation and diplomacy. Your support is integral to keeping our organisation running and campaigning so we shall say it again, thank you.

It is never too late to become one of our supporters. Click here to donate to Conscience.

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