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conscience TAXES FOR PEACE NOT WAR, works for a world where taxes are used to nurture peace, not pay for war.

We campaign for a progressive increase in the amount of UK tax spent on peacebuilding, and a corresponding decrease in the amount spent on war and preparation for war. We also campaign for the legal right of those with a conscientious objection to war to have the entire military part of their taxes spent on peacebuilding.

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The Peace Agenda

Peace …. What does this word mean to you? How important is it in your day-to-day life, is it something you ever think about? We in the UK are lucky to live in relative harmony, free from the fear of violence and conflict. However, in many countries this is not the case and it is wise not to take peace for granted.

highres_244430697[1] I believe that it is necessary to not just pay attention to one’s “inner peace” or “peaceful  interpersonal connections and practices” but also the importance of coming together, to stand  on a bigger stage and to contribute to the universal drive towards a more peaceful, inclusive  and loving world.

With this in mind, we at the peace agenda will continue and start new conversations on peace  in the UK.

In co-creating this group, we seek to engage hearts and minds by hosting speakers, debating  and watching films on peace and interrelated topics. This could be anything from watching  ‘Good Morning Vietnam” with a large bowl of popcorn though to discussing ways to engage  with your local MPs, debating on current issues or national and international policies.

We invite you as a valued member to let us know if there are speakers that you would  particularly like to hear, films that you are passionate about and would love to watch and discuss or even if you feel inspired and would like team up with us and take the opportunity to create and host a Peace Agenda meet up in your area.

I am excited to announce that the 21st of May is our first meet up date at Friends House and I am in the process of finding speakers for our inaugural event. I am thrilled to be starting this journey together with so many of you and if you are not a member yet and peace matters to you, come and join us at

I look forward to welcoming you to our first event and supporting the group to grow and blossom. Remember as Robert Fulghum said “Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.”

General Election 2015 – Questions for Hustings

Recently at the People’s Parliament event in Westminster, the panel were asked which questions should we, as constituents, be asking our MPs to further the […]

People’s Parliament Peace Tax Bill consultation

Last night, Conscience was proud to launch the consultation of its Peace Tax Bill in Parliament. The event was a great success. The committee room […]

Britain Should Be Exporting Peace, Not Arms

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Russia.. these are some of the countries that continue to receive arms sales from the United Kingdom. With the breaking news […]

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can you help us build real peace in our time?

War doesn’t work… but peacebuilding does. We hope you’ll get involved with our exciting new campaign, ‘meet the real peacebuilders’, in which we are working with ordinary women and men who build peace in their communities, across the world, each and every day.

Peacebuilders from the African Youth Peace Initiatives engaging with children in Uganda

This year, of course, we are all thinking about the centenary of the First World War.  We are reminded of the suffering and the staggering numbers of the dead; we are reminded of the Somme and the trenches, the war’s poets and letters sent home to loved ones; we remember ‘the 11th hour’ each November and think of poppies blooming across the battlefields. Find out more…

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